How to stake Swingby tokens for the Chaos-MainNet Metanode

Find how to stake SWINGBY to become metanode


All metanodes listed and churned in stats in will be rewarded with 20% APR. on the DAO contract.
Rewards for metanode
Reward APR
SWINGBY rewards
sbBTC rewards
Based on the Staking amount
(% divided by shares)
NOTE: Metanode operator is required to maintain the highest quality reliability and security of the network. Rewards haven't been distributed while the node is offline.

Requirements info

  • An ETH address must be connected to the DAO interface.
  • Your Node P2P key (32-byte hex string) should have been generated. (by node-installer bot) or provided by a third-party node provider.
For the tutorial, have a look at this.