Smart contract and token addresses

A look at the contract detail for Skybridge Chaos-MainNet, sbBTC (LP Token), and SWINGBY token

1. Skybridge smart contract

Ethereum Bridge:

- Address: 0xbe83f11d3900f3a13d8d12fb62f5e85646cda45e

Binance Smart Chain Bridge:

- Address: 0xad22900062e4cd766102a1f33e530f5303fe1adf

2. sbBTC (LP Token) smart contract

Ethereum Bridge (ERC20 Token, decimals: 8):

- Address: 0x22883a3db06737ece21f479a8009b8b9f22b6cc9

Binance Smart Chain Bridge (BEP20 Token, decimals: 8):

- Address: 0xdba68bef9b541999fd9650ff72c19d5e1ceecd10

3. SWINGBY Token

BEP20 Token, decimals: 18 (Binance Smart Chain)

- Address: 0x71de20e0c4616e7fcbfdd3f875d568492cbe4739

ERC20 Token, decimals: 18 (Ethereum)

- Address: 0x8287c7b963b405b7b8d467db9d79eec40625b13a

BEP2 Token

- Asset Name: SWINGBY-888