BOT Commands list

This page describe that bot commands are how it works

Command list [only local machine]

[Setup Node]

  • /setup_server_config

    • This command sets the IP address and login name of the server used by your bot.

  • /setup_your_bot

    • This command installs your bot to your server.

Command list [only server]

[Setup Node]

  • /setup_node

    • This command sets all node configurations and gets the "description" set for the timelock transaction. For more details about "staking", let's see here πŸ‘‡

[Deploy Node]

  • /deploy_node

    • deploy your node

  • /setup_domain

    • configure domain

  • /enable_domain

    • attach domain to your server

  • /stop_node

    • stop your node

[Deploy Infura]

  • /setup_infura

    • This command will remove all your blockchain data on /var/swingby/mainnet

    • And Downloading all of the new snapshots for infra packages.

      • BTC-ETH network => bitcoind, bb_btc, geth, bb_eth

      • BTC-BSC network => bitcoind, bb_btc, bsc, bb_bsc

  • /resync_infura

    • re-syncing snapshot

  • /deploy_infura

    • deploy infura services

[System management]

  • /check_status

    • checking status of system

  • /upgrade_bot

    • upgrade bot to latest version

  • /get_node_logs

    • getting the latest logs of node

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