BTC to BTC token swap

Tutorial for moving BTC to a different blockchain (BTC to Binance Chain)

Note: This is for the testnet of Swingby Skybrige [How it works]. Testnet tokens have no value. If you need tBTC (testnet BTC), several faucet services are available:

You can generate a BTC testnet address here:

You can generate a Binance Chain testnet address here:

Swingby is running a faucet to get both kinds of testnet tokens.

The following steps to receive BTC Token (BTC.B) on Binance Chain:

Swingby Skybridge - portal / explorer
  • 2. You can offer the token quantities.

  • 3. Add your receiving address for BTC.B tokens

  • 4. Click "Next" and checking the Confirm View

  • 5. Confirm all of forms and click "Confirm"

  • 6. You can get address from deposit BTC to get BTC token. (TSS custody address)

  • 7. You can get status of deposit transaction.

  • 8. You can check transaction status on "Explorer"

  • 9. Complete! (all transactions is "mined")