Run a Metanode

Find how to run a Metanode to help secure the network while collecting transaction fees


49.5% of swap fees taken by the Skybridge network are rewarded to Metanode operators for helping to secure the network (as sbBTC rewards). These fees are paid out in BTC/WBTC and increase as the network processes more volume. You can see what the sbBTC is and How it works.

Become a LP

Additionally, Metanodes operators get bonus rewards of SWINGBY tokens (+7% APR)

Rewards for metanodeReward APR

SWINGBY rewards

10% (7% bonus + 3% base from DAO staking)

sbBTC rewards

Based on the Staking amount

(% divided by shares)

The Metanode operator is required to maintain the highest quality reliability and security of the network. Rewards haven't been distributed while the node is offline.

Stats and claim rewards

All Metanodes are listed at

Rewarding history can be seen at

Claiming rewards sbBTC and SWINGBYs are managed on the DAO interface.

Following the status you can check your node whether eligible

  • πŸ˜„ Churned-in - it means your node stays online (Eligible).

  • ☺️ May churn in - it means your node is not churned in yet. (Not eligible)

  • 😢 Not eligible: Bond expiring - it means your node is not eligible. (Not eligible & offline)

  • πŸ˜‚ Bond-expired - it means your node is not eligible. (Not eligible & offline)


We recommend that you use a reliable service provider to be able to set up your Metanode such as AWS, Scaleway, or Digital Ocean. Your instance will need at least the following specs:

  • 4 CPU Cores

  • 16GB Ram

  • 1.5TB SSD Storage

  • 500Mbps+ Uplink

  • At least 175,000 Swingby Tokens (ERC20) staked on the DAO

  • 1 Month timed-lock

Skybridge is a PoS (proof-of-stake) network. This means that your hosted server requires Swingby tokens to be bonded to it for it to be considered an eligible Metanode. Although there are no risks of your related tokens being lost, they will have to be time-locked for at-least 1 month. Currently, each bridge allows for 50 Metanodes slots, meaning that only the top 50 most bonded nodes will receive rewards.

Install Guide

If you would like to host your metanodes, you can check the following page where you will get an install guide for a Metanode.

Swingby node installation guideNode on Hetzner server

Before you begin setting up your Metanode, we advise you to check the following requirements:

  • An ETH address must be connected to the DAO interface. (e.g. Metamask, Trustwallet, Ledger)

  • Your Node P2PKey (32-byte hex string) should have been generated. (by node-installer bot) or provided by a third-party node provider.

After getting your own Node P2Pkey, you can start the staking process by following this:

Bond Metanodes

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