How to stake Swingby tokens for the Chaos-MainNet Metanode

Find how to timelock SWINGBY. Locking SWINGBY allow user to become metanode


The top 50 most bonded nodes will be rewarded with 1% interest distributed on a weekly basis, and these rewards will reduced with each development milestone achieved:


Reward per week

Until BTC mainnet launch


Until second swap pair

1 %

Until third swap pair


Until fourth swap pair


After fourth swap pair

No reward

NOTE: Metanode operator is required to maintain the highest quality reliability and security of the network. Rewards haven't been distributed while the node is offline.


1. Add new timelock

1. Navigate to

2. Choose the login method.

3. Click on "Add New Timelock" button.

4. Input Lock amount, Description, Lock period.

Lock amount: 50K SWINGBY is the minimum requirement to be a metanode. Rewards will be distributed to the top 50 most bonded nodes only.

Description: Please paste the "description" from the telegram bot. Otherwise, your timelock WON'T even acknowledge the registering of the metanode operator.

Lock period: The metanode rewards are distributed to the node whose locked for more than 1 month time period. Hence, please extend the lock period to make sure your node has enough period to lock.

NOTE: you will need a small amount of BNB tokens to pay for the network fee.

5. You will see the locked transaction.

2. Add amount or extends lock period into an existing locked transaction

1. Click the "relock" button on the existing timelock transaction.

DO NOT click "Add New Timelock" if you want to add an amount or extends the lock period.

2. Update the amount or lock period and click "Relock"

3. Now you can see the updated timelock transaction.

3. Unlock locked transaction

1. You can click "unlock" to release your funds once the locked transaction is overdue. The amount will return to your wallet address.

4. Check your timelock transaction details

1. Click your address or search your address on

2. Click the 'Transactions' tab.

3. Now you can find your timelock transaction details!